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Sunday dinner at the Ryans'

As the dishes are cleared and Aidan and Ciara go off to the Hill, Dylan plucks up his courage and approaches Aaron. "Um, can I talk to you?" he asks. After a moment or two, he adds, "And maybe Kevin and Aya, too?"

In the computer lab at Whiteoak College

Dylan marks another coal mine on the map, and grins to himself. **There - that's finished.** He's feeling justifiably proud of himself. **Wait until I show this to Henry!**

He pushes up his glasses and clicks on the title bar, preparing to do more research, but then something catches his eye. **'Of Wolves and Men?' What the heck?** Curious now, he lets the page load. **Hm, a new webcomic. Wonder if it's any good?**

He starts browsing through the archives, and his eyes go wide as he suddenly realizes what he's reading. **Holy crap! Is this what I think it is?** Swallowing, he pages through a few more strips, and feels his stomach clench at what he sees. **This is so not good....**


St. Luke's Hospital

((This cut scene takes place shortly after the August 4 tabletop session.))

Dylan lies in bed, looking longingly out the window. **It looks nice out there - I wonder what Kathleen, Henry and Emi are doing?**

He sighs, looking at the band-aid on the inside of his arm. **How many tests are they going to run? At this rate, I won't have any blood left!**

He leans his head on his hands, trying not to feel too sorry for himself. **Wish I had Geordie with me.** He sighs. **Even if I'm too old for stuffed animals now.**

He picks up the book on his bedside table and tries to lose himself in it. **Let's see...I was up to the part where Lavan gets Chosen....**

Outside the Ryan home, before school

((This cut scene takes place after this one, during the July 21 tabletop session. Except for blood_n_gold, players in War for the Oaks should consider this to be OOC information.))

Kathleen stands outside the Ryan house, brows knitted and her expression faraway, as she waits for Henry to arrive....Collapse )

Burning the midnight oil

((This cut scene takes place during the July 21 tabletop session. Players in "War for the Oaks" should consider it OOC information.))

Hunched over a table in the library, Dylan yawns and rubs his eyes....Collapse )
Tired and sore after a hard game of volleyball, Dylan strips off his sweaty gym clothes and heads over toward the showers. **OK, I need to make this a quick one; Mr. Petersen'll have my head if I'm late for class.**

((Non-explicit nudity and adult language in comments.))

Winter camping - waiting for Henry

((OOC: This takes place after this.))

Bundled up in her parka, hat, and winter boots, Kathleen finishes preparing a meal for herself and Henry. Despite the fire, she's cold, and she shivers involuntarily, pulling her hat down tighter around her ears and flexing her fingers inside her mittens to keep them supple. **I remember Ciara telling me Kevin liked getting a massage after he'd been slogging through snow - maybe Henry's the same way.**

She looks up from the meal, scanning the landscape for the familiar figure of her boyfriend. **I hope he gets back soon - I wouldn't mind some snuggling to warm up.**

The kitchen of the Ryan home

((OOC: This entry occurs after this, during the same weekend Henry and Ian are at the hunting cabin.))

Dylan finishes editing the paper Shun's given to him and passes it across the table to the handsome young Asian man. "Um, I think that should do it, Shun-san."

He looks down at the well-worn wood of the table and tries to figure out what's going on inside his head. **What's up with me? I don't like going hunting anyway - how come I keep thinking about what Henry and Ian are doing out in the woods?** He sighs. **Why should I feel this way about Henry and Ian having some fun together? Ian's my cousin, and Henry's my best friend - why shouldn't they have a good time?** He chews his lower lip. **Just wish I could figure out why I'm so wound up about this...why shouldn't I be happy if Henry's found someone he likes?**

He doesn't notice it, but his hands are moving restlessly on the tabletop, his fingers clenched so tightly his knuckles are white.


Mid-morning, Dylan's room

((OOC note: This post takes place after this one.))

Dylan wakes up to find winter sunlight streaming through a gap in the curtains. He blinks, trying to clear the fog from his head, and tries to remember the previous day, but all he can come up with is being too hot or too cold by turns, with a pounding headache and images lurching before his eyes.

**The last thing I can remember was history class...what day is it?** He rubs at his eyes, realizes that some of the blurriness is due to not wearing his glasses, and feels around for them on the table next to his bed.

Once he has his glasses on, things come back into focus, and he notices he's in his own room. **The school must have called Mom...how long ago was that, anyway?** He tries to remember how much time has passed, but only comes up with a few scattered memories of not being terribly aware of what was happening around him. **Hopefully I didn't miss too much school....**

History class, William Bridges High School

On a chilly December day, Dylan sits in class, trying to focus on what Mr. Inuyama is saying, but there's a nagging throbbing in his temples that won't let him concentrate.

"In 1185, the Gempei War ended," Mr. Inuyama is saying. "Does anyone know the name of the family who defeated the Taira clan?"

Dylan stares at his notebook. Gempei War? Taira clan? He's not entirely sure, but he thinks he's fallen behind. **Crap! I'm usually good at this stuff! Where's my mind today?** He tries to focus, but the throbbing is turning into a pounding ache. Hoping to ease the pain, he rubs discreetly at his temples.